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Some storage for bicycles is available at ISH A bike shed key is available from Duty Managers in return for a £20 deposit. All bicycles stored in the bike shed are left at the owner’s risk and ISH cannot be held responsible for any theft or damage. Bicycles should only be left in the bike sheds and are not permitted in bedrooms or any communal areas (including corridors, stairways or fire exits). Bicycles should not be chained to any railings or lampposts: any that are stored in this way, or left in hazardous places, will be removed.

If you would like to purchase a bicycle, a good source of cheap, used bicycles is Gumtree: . You can also use this site to sell your bike if it is in good condition at the end of your time in London.

As in any capital city, there is a lot of road traffic in London.

Although it is not a legal requirement, we strongly recommend that you wear a cycle helmet. For for more cycle safety tips see