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Residents are required to keep their room in a respectable state
of living: failure to do so may result in disciplinary action. A vacuum
cleaner, mop and bucket is available to borrow from reception. Residents must
return any items borrowed from reception promptly after use. Rooms will be
inspected every 2 weeks to check their condition. If it is deemed necessary by
ISH or its staff for the room to be cleaned, Residents will be given notice of
this requirement. If the room has not been cleaned by the time of the next
inspection, ISH will arrange for the room to be cleaned and apply a £30
cleaning charge to cover the costs incurred by ISH. 

Each bed will be made up on arrival. Extra linen packs are
available for purchase through the online shopping basket on the ISH portal.  

Rubbish bins with non­recyclable items placed outside Residents’
rooms between the hours of 9am to 11.30am, Monday to Friday, will be emptied. If
bins contain recyclable items (paper, glass, plastic and tin) they WILL NOT be
emptied until the recyclable items are placed in the recycling bins.  

Please leave all communal areas (kitchens and bathrooms) in a condition in which you would like to find them. Leaving communal kitchens and bathrooms in an unacceptable state, eg blocking toilets, will be considered vandalism of ISH property and is a disciplinary matter. Please make sure you leave doors open in internal bathrooms in ensuite rooms when not in use, to help with ventilation.  

Do not leave open (or easily opened) packets of food in your room without placing them in plastic storage boxes, as there is a risk that they will attract pests, such
as mice. ISH provides every resident with a set of plastic food storage boxes
to help prevent any infestations. Please also remove and wash dirty cups,
plates and cutlery from your room when you have finished using them. Put all
food waste in kitchen bins, which are emptied daily.