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 Cooking is not permitted in student rooms. There arekitchen facilities in GPS (5th floor) and Wills House (basement).

The GPS and Wills House kitchens are open from 08.00 until 02.00.There are also microwave ovens available in the kitchenettes on some floors.

Safe usage of microwave ovens:

• Follow the instructions on your food packaging. In particular, pay attention to the wattage of the microwave oven

• Do not use metal or foil containers as they will cause a short circuit or an explosion

• Do not re-heat pizzas in cardboard boxes, or food wrapped in paper

• Always use microwaveable plates or containers

• When using cling film or cooking with a cover, please provide a vent hole and open carefully after cooking to avoid steam burns

• Allow food to sit for 1-2 minutes after being removed from the microwave as it will still be cooking

Never leave any of your cooking unattended. If a member of ISH staff finds an empty kitchen / kitchenette with unsupervised food cooking, they will switch it off in the interests of safety. Note that kitchen and kitchenette doors should not be propped open: they must be closed at all times to comply with fire prevention regulations. Kettles should only be used to boil water, nothing else.

The use of any heat generating devices or cooking appliances is expressly forbidden in the bedrooms, e.g. additional heaters, microwaves, hobs, toasters, rice cookers etc. ISH reserves the right to confiscate such items which will then be returned to the student upon their departure. Hairdryers and kettles are permitted in rooms.