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All rooms are fitted with smoke detectors. Covering up or tampering with the smoke heads endangers the lives of all residents and is a criminal offence. Anyone found to have covered or tampered with the smoke detectors, fire extinguishers or other fire safety equipment will face severe disciplinary action and possible dismissal from ISH. ISH reserves the right to fine any resident who regularly sets off the smoke detectors due to their negligent behaviour, though we do understand that steam from showers and hairspray or deodorant can sometimes accidentally activate an alarm.

All fire doors should be kept closed (not propped open) and should not be obstructed in any way. No naked flames at all are allowed, in particular candles, incense sticks, oil burners, etc.

When the fire alarm sounds, please remain calm and do not panic, but stop what you are doing and evacuate the building immediately using the nearest available exit. The alarm may be silenced initially (usually after around 10-15 seconds), however, you should still proceed to evacuate the building.

To evacuate the building, make your way quickly and in an orderly fashion to the nearest available exit (DO NOT use the lift) and go directly to the Assembly Point. Do not stop to collect your bags, laptops etc. Do not attempt to re-enter the building at any time until the ISH Fire Manager or the London Fire Brigade confirm that all is clear and that it is safe to re-enter the building.

 Assembly Point locationsGreat Portland Street:

1. In front of Pizza Express on Great Portland Street or

If you discover a fire, please remain calm and do not panic. No personal risk should be taken. Activate the fire alarm at the nearest

“break-glass” point. Inform the Duty Manager the location and nature of the fire. Dial [8370 MTH / 8375 GPS] from any internal phone.

 IF IT IS SAFE TO DO SO, tackle the fire with the appropriate equipment, but ONLY do so providing the fire:

• is not bigger than a small waste bin

• and the exit door is behind you and in sight

If fire and smoke increase, leave immediately via the nearest exit and update the Duty Manager.

 A weekly fire alarm test will take place at the following times:

Great Portland Street: Monday morning, 9.00 am

The alarm will sound three times for about 5-10 seconds each time after which it will be silenced. If it continues to sound, it is not a test and a full evacuation will be required. There will be at least one full fire drill during the academic year to check your knowledge of evacuation routes.