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We want you to feel at home at ISH, but equally we want to know who is on the premises at all times, for the safety of all our residents and so that everyone can be accounted for if there is an emergency evacuation. Residents are welcome to invite non-residents to visit them at ISH, but please familiarise yourself with the rules below.

All Guests 

All guests must register with Front Desk staff at GPS or the Duty Manager at MTH, by signing the Guest Register each time they enter or leave the building . Don’t forget to sign your guest in and out, otherwise you will be fined £5.00. 

Residents must accompany their guest at all times during the visit , including escorting them to the main entrance when they leave to ensure that they sign out. Failure to do this would be considered a breach of House Rules.

Guests must behave in an appropriate manner towards all residents and staff and comply with ISH House Rules . Residents are responsible for the behaviour of their guests and are financially liable for any damage they might cause. The Duty Manager has the right to ask guests to leave if they are not behaving appropriately. 

Residents in shared rooms must ALWAYS seek their roommate’s permission before bringing a guest to a shared room. When a shared room has only one occupant, the empty space is not free for your guest to use: it must be pre-booked and will incur a short stay guest price.

Day Guests

You may sign in a day time guest between 9am and 11pm. The maximum number of day guests in a bedroom is 2 and in communal areas . They must leave the premises and be signed out before 3am .

Overnight guests 

Any non-residents who remain on the premises after 3am are overnight guests. The maximum number of overnight guests is 1 per resident at any one time and guests will be permitted to stay for a maximum of 3 nights in a 7 night period at no charge.

For longer stays, permission must be sought in advance from the Dean of Student Life or the Front of House manager and a charge may apply.

An overnight guest should be booked in advance via the GPS reception (between 8am and 10pm). You will be given an Overnight Guest Pass for your guest. They still need to sign in (and out) daily on the Guest Register with Front Desk / Duty Manager at GPS or the

Failure to do this will result in a £5.00 fine. Overnight Guest Passes are not transferable between residents.

 We understand that it is not always possible to book overnight guests in advance. In exceptional circumstances, it will be at the discretion of the manager on duty to grant permission for overnight guests after 10pm. This will be permitted for residents in single rooms only and for one night at a time only. 

 There are no limits on the number of separate visits you may have and there are no charges for advance-booked visitors staying for up to 3 nights, unless additional bedding is required. If the guest requires a mattress, a charge of £10.00 per night will apply. Please note that if booked on the day, mattress delivery is subject to availability of a porter.

ISH has a number of short stay rooms which are also available for guests and can be booked via the Accommodation Office (charges apply).

If any resident is found to be abusing the Guest Policy in any way, eg by having a permanent or semi-permanent visitor, then disciplinary action will be taken and additional charges will apply (in most cases a £50 fine).