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Mental Health

 Adjusting to student life in London can be exciting but also stressful at times. There is no need to suffer in silence – talk to a good friend, or your Resident Advisor, if you are feeling homesick, lonely or depressed.

You will probably find that you are not the only one who feels like this sometimes. Most universities have good Counselling or Psychological

Services, or you can access support via your GP. In addition, the Marylebone Church has a Healing and Counselling Centre, where students might be able to get some low-cost counselling. If you notice that another resident is behaving differently, isolating him/herself from others, or becoming very emotional, please do not ignore it but encourage them to speak to their RA or a member of staff at ISH or at their university. In extreme cases, where you think there is a safety risk to a particular student or to others, please report immediately to a Duty Manager or the Dean of Student Life.