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Study Room/Music Practice Room

 A dedicated study room can be found near the entrance of GPS building. Alternatively, the conference rooms up the main staircase can be used for quiet study when they are not in use by external clients – please speak to the Duty Manager to check availability before you would like to use space in one of the rooms and sign in so you can be given a key card. There is a piano in the Gulbenkian Room at Great Portland Street, which can be used by suitably qualified musicians and when the room is not in use or set up for another purpose (please check with the Duty Manager). Students with their own instruments can use any available study room for music practice, including the green room in the basement 

The following general standards of behaviour must be observed in study rooms:  

  • Consumption of food and alcoholic drinks is not allowed
    inside the study rooms.  
  • Appropriate clothes and shoes should be worn at all times (no
  • When finished using a study room, the resident(s) must leave
    the room clean, switch off the lights, air/con when applicable, and shut
    the door.  
  • Student/s can be vacated from the room at any time if
    requested by a member of the Conference Department or Duty Manager/Front
    Desk teams.  
  • Study rooms can be used only from 08:00 to 00.00. Overnight
    stay is not allowed.