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Vacating or Extending Your Stay

 Your accommodation booking is for 40 weeks including the Christmas and Easter
vacations. If you wish to vacate your room during the official ISH holiday
times (see term dates above), ISH will try to sell the space to a short term
guest and will credit your account for any nights sold. Prior to the end of
each term all residents will receive an email asking if they will be vacating
their accommodation over the holiday period: please ensure you respond to this
email within the deadline stipulated. Any amendments to holiday or departure
dates must be made in writing (email) to the Accommodation Office.  

All residents must check out at GPS reception before 10.00 am on the day of
departure. Checking out after 10.00 am forfeits the key deposit and may result
in an extra night’s charge. You should leave your room in a clean and tidy
condition, with all rubbish and recycling appropriately removed. Failure to do
this, or the discovery of any damage to the furniture and fittings in your room
could result in the loss of your security deposit. 

The Finance Office will refund the security deposit for any student leaving and not returning. The refund will be processed following confirmation from the Accommodation department. Any outstanding balance will be deducted from the security deposit. Security deposits will be refunded by bank transfer; any other means of refund will need to be discussed and agreed in advance with either the Accommodation or Finance department.

When you leave ISH, please make sure that you set up postal forwarding arrangements as ISH cannot do this on your behalf.