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Disciplinary Procedure

 International Students House aims to achieve a respectful, tolerant, well-balanced and happy community. However, with so many young adults living together and many of them away from home for the first time, certain boundaries of acceptable behaviour must be established, along with penalties for those who breach these rules, by for instance disrespecting their fellow residents, ISH staff, ISH’s neighbours or ISH property. Examples of unacceptable behaviour include:

· Smoking in your room or in other parts of ISH Buildings 

· Repeated disregard of Quiet Time rules 

· Intentional damage to ISH property 

· Tampering with fire equipment, detectors and alarms 

· Abusive language or physical violence towards staff or other students 

· Posting abusive or defamatory comments on social media or websites 

· Bullying or harassment of any kind 

· Theft from ISH or from others 

· Possession, use or supply of illegal drugs (including cannabis) 

· Excessive consumption of alcohol and anti-social behaviour 

(note that this list is not exhaustive) 

Disciplinary action will be taken against any resident who is in violation of ISH rules or whose conduct has a negative impact on the reputation of ISH. The action taken will depend on the nature of the incident, but please note that ISH reserves
the right to terminate tenancy should a resident persistently through
anti-social behaviour, disruptiveness and infringement of House Rules, seek to
discredit ISH. 

The disciplinary process would normally be instigated with a violation of House
Rules being reported either to a Duty Manager or to the Dean of Student Life. A
note of all breaches of House Rules will be kept on a resident’s record.
Multiple breaches will lead to heavier penalties and will be taken into
consideration e.g. if the resident applied to remain at ISH for another year.
In the case of smoking offences, where compelling evidence is present, a £50
fine will normally be imposed on the spot, without the need for any further
investigation. In other cases, the accused student will be invited to a meeting
with the Dean of Student Life, so that further investigation can be conducted.
The conclusion to a disciplinary investigation could be either an informal
(verbal) caution, a formal (written) warning, or a final written warning. This
could be accompanied by a financial penalty (usually a £50 fine) or the
imposition of some community service. In extreme cases, or where there has been
repeated incidences of misconduct, the disciplinary action could result in
termination of the resident’s tenancy with ISH. 

Where a decision to terminate occupancy has been reached, a date by which the resident must move out will be specified (usually one month from the date that the decision is communicated in writing), as well as whether any pre-paid fees or
deposit will be returned. However, any further breaches of house rules during
this time will result in the resident being given 48 hours to leave. 

Any student has a right to appeal against a decision to terminate their tenancy at
ISH. This may be done by writing to the Chief Executive within 5 working days
of the original decision. The Chief Executive may choose to call an Appeal
Hearing, or may base their decision on written evidence received. In all
disciplinary matters, the Chief Executive’s decision is final and is not
subject to any further appeals.