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Coronavirus: precautions to protect our community

ISH will take all necessary steps to protect residents and staff from an outbreak of Covid-19. We appreciate your co-operation with these measures, which are taken to protect the health and safety of all. 


If, at any time during your stay at ISH, you or your roommate develop any of the following symptoms, please remain in your room and contact the Duty Manager on 020 7631 8375: 

  • a high temperature (or fever) 
  • a new and continuous cough 
  • a loss of, or change in, your normal sense of taste or smell 

The Duty Manager will move you to another room for self-isolation if necessary and request information on who you have been in close contact with. 

A close contact is a person who has been in close contact with a confirmed case of coronavirus while they are infectious. Most people are considered infectious from 48 hours before symptom onset (or 48 hours before their positive test, if no symptoms) until 10 days after symptom onset (or 10 days after positive test, if no symptoms).  

The following would count as being in close contact:  

  •  being within 2 metres of a confirmed case for 15 minutes or more;  
  •  being within 1 metre of a confirmed case for 1 minute or more;  
  •  sharing a household with a confirmed case;  
  •  having sexual contact with a confirmed case;  
  •  travelling in a car or other small vehicle with a confirmed case (even on a short journey); or  
  •  being close to a confirmed case on an aeroplane. 

Please continue to stay in your room and keep in contact with the Duty Manager. ISH staff will bring meals to you 3 times a day, and will send you menus in advance so you can select each meal. 

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