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Heating at ISH

Your room will have a radiator which is controlled by a variety of factors: ISH’s Heating Times, the external and building temperatures, and the radiator’s own temperature control (if installed).

From 1st April, heating is traditionally switched off. At times of unusually cold (or hot) weather, adjustments may be made to heating times.   

From 1st October the heating times will be:

Monday – Friday: 6 - 9am, 12 - 2pm and 6 - 10pm  

Weekends: 7 - 9am, 12 - 2pm and 6 - 10pm   

There will be periods during weekdays when the heating is not switched on, so please do not expect your radiator to work outside of the times listed above. It is not common practice in the UK for heating to be on continuously throughout the night. 

If the external temperature is higher than 15 degrees (centigrade) and / or the internal building temperature is higher than 22 degrees, then ISH’s heating will not come on. A temperature of 21-22 degrees is considered a comfortable level for indoor heating.

Most radiators are fitted with a temperature control valve (usually on the bottom right of the radiator) which will be marked with a numbered dial so you can turn your heating up (to 5 on the dial) or down.

If, having checked all of the above, you still think there is a fault with your radiator, our Maintenance Team are happy to investigate, just submit a request on the ISH Portal.