Projects For Peace

1 min. readlast update: 08.04.2023

As a member of the International Houses WorldWide Organisation, ISH residents are able to participate in the Davis Projects for Peace initiative: where students are selected to be awarded $10,000 to undertake a summer project that contributes to peace in the world.

In recent years, ISH residents have received up to 5 awards per year. Proposals must be submitted via the Dean of Student Life to I-House New York in January in the year that the summer project will be conducted, with successful bids announced in March / April and final reports to be submitted in early September. A Davis Peace Project is a great opportunity to develop your transferable skills and do some good in the world and is something unique that most other residences in the UK cannot offer. 

Read about the latest Davis Projects for Peace undertaken by residents of International Students House here.

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