Room Checks

1 min. readlast update: 09.30.2022

A termly room inspection will be carried out to check the condition of your room. The checks will focus on general cleanliness, health and safety compliance and any maintenance issues. We aim to give residents seven days’ notice of these visits and it is recommended that, where possible, you are in your room/studio when the check takes place. The inspections will always be carried out between Monday and Friday, and from 11am till 6pm. Should the date / time of the visit not suit you (or if there are particular days / times to avoid), please notify the Accommodation Team in advance so that the inspection can be rescheduled.  

If we find that the cleanliness of your room is not up to standard, you will be asked to clean your room more thoroughly. A follow-up check will be arranged and if there is no improvement, staff will clean your room and you will be charged a £30 cleaning fee. 

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