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The student internet service at International Students House is a managed service provided by ASK4, the UK’s leading provider of internet services to student accommodations and universities. The managed service means ASK4 owns and operates all of the internet (wired & WiFi) equipment 

Permanent residents (Standard service)

The standard internet service is free for permanent residents. Connect to the ASK4 Wireless network, go to and register a resident account for security. Each resident’s account provides up to 100mb/s and each resident can connect up to 5 devices on the standard service. Residents can also choose to connect to Eduroam by using their university login credentials. Please do not select the paid services unless you want them.  

Connecting Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire (or similar) to a TV

Printing from a computer/smartphone/tablet to a wireless printer

These are not part of the standard service above. Please visit to buy an add-on service that will allow a resident to connect Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire (or similar) to a TV or print from a computer/smartphone/tablet to a wireless printer. 

Connecting a Gaming console

If you are unable to connect your gaming console to the internet, it might be because your console doesn’t allow you to sign in to and add it as another device. Please find your console’s Ethernet MAC address (In network settings) and contact ASK4 who will add the MAC address to your account. Using the console’s ethernet port with a network cable is better and more stable for gaming. Please contact the IT Department if you need a network cable. You are responsible for ensuring the cable is not a health and safety hazard to you or your roommate/s. 


Guests can connect to ASK4 Wireless and create a guest account. A guest account gets up to 20mb/s, for one week, but only one device can be registered on a guest account 


Please contact if you have problems. However, as all the equipment is owned and maintained by ASK4, your problem may need to be escalated to ASK4. If you prefer to contact ASK4 directly, here are their contact details below -  ASK4 Email - SUPPORT@ASK4.COM ASK4 Phone -  0114 303 3232 

ASK4 Text and callback - 07797800545 




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