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Harassment Policy

International Students House condemns any form of harassment, and undertakes to ensure that all staff, resident and nonresident members, alumni and guests are aware of and abide by both its policy and the established procedures for dealing with such instances.

Definition of Harassment

Harassment is behaviour which is unwanted, uninvited and unacceptable to the recipient. Harassment is defined by the impact on the recipient, not the intention of the behaviour. Harassment is unwanted conduct based on sex, race, disability, religious beliefs, political opinion, sexual orientation or any other behaviour which causes discomfort or humiliation to the recipient or creates a threatening, hostile or intimidating environment. This can include unwelcome physical, verbal or nonverbal conduct.

Examples of such behaviour include:

  •  Physical conduct ranging from touching to serious assault.
  •  Verbal and written harassment through jokes, racist remarks, offensive language, gossip and slander, threats, letters.
  •  Visual display of posters, graffiti, obscene gestures.
  •  Isolation or non cooperation at work, bullying.
  •  Coercion, including pressure for sexual favours.
  •  Intrusion by pestering, spying, following, etc.
  •  Attacks or other comments posted via any form of internet or social media site.

All accusations of harassment will be investigated and dealt with appropriately.